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Scattered Summary of how it began

  At church we were praying for anything we could imagine. So I prayed for the normal stuff, thanked God for my blessings and forgiveness for the stupid stuff I do, and Oh Yeah God I would like to be a NASCAR Driver. I did not think it was possible. If I had 20 million dollars I could not go race NASCAR it is just not enough money and at 41 It is not likely I would get the opportunity.
  Within one year of praying to be a NASCAR Driver some one I knew told me that Mexico was starting a new NASCAR series. It was almost overwhelming the amount of stuff it took to get to race. Getting the car ready, safety equipment, putting a crew together, logistics, credentials. NASCAR Mexico was kind of slow at responding to my emails. It was hard to communicate because of the language difference. Anyway I take off to Mexico with a my friends as a team, a racecar and ready to race. At the border crossings they could not figure out what to do with a car that had no VIN # no tags, and is it a Mexico car or is it a USA car? DO we have to pay tax? We got through the American side and then we ran into the Mexican side. We ended up giving them Race hats and T-shirts which seemed to work better than hundred dollar bills. Later in the drive we run across Mexican Military going through cars at a road stop. We look over and every car has all of its stuff out on the ground and the lines are long.. I'm thinking what  have we got ourselves into now? We pull up and the Federally said "NASCAR?" Who is the pilot? (which is driver in spanish) I explained "I was." We give away more hats and t-shirts as he smiles; and tells us to pull on through.
  I finally get to the race track. I am pulling my race car with a pickup and 24 foot enclosed box trailer and I'm inline with all of the big rigs just like American NASCAR. It didn't phase me at all because when we pulled our race car out every  team came to see our car. We really had a nice car which immediately was excepted. The teams and fans treated us like family. NASCAR asked where are your credentials? What championships have you won? What big races ? I explained other than racing Legends at Texas Motor speed way and some SCCA stuff in my 66 Corvette I have not raced in over 16 years. NASCAR wanted to know why I thought I could race? I explained Well I have driven 1500 miles and I have a race car ready to go. Not knowing if I was going to be able to race I did not have all the money with me. I tried to get money off the ATM's in Mexico but apparently my accounts were all shut down because they were flagged with so many attempts in Mexico. I explained to NASCAR if they gave me current exchange rate I had enough money for the entry but if they only gave me 10:1 exchange rate I was several hundred dollars short of entry fee. They stated they would only give me 10:1 but I showed NASCAR in the rule book where they should give me published rate. They agreed to give me a little less than current exchange rate and by the time I counted out every dollar, change and Mexican money I had, I was five dollars short. NASCAR is looking at me like I am crazy. I walk out side borrow five denero and walk back in only for them to tell me I'm still a dollar short because of the exchange rate. I borrowed another dollar.
  NASCAR agreed to let me test around the track by myself as a test for my license. We had never tested or driven the car but only finished getting the car ready in enough time to head to Mexico. As soon as I run the car down the pits and onto the track the car dies and a wrecker has to come push me back to the pits. I was able to change out the new distributor with a used one and able to get the car to fire and stormed back onto the track for the last 3 laps of the first practice. Never driven the car I was 2 seconds off the pace of the pack but had a terrible miss. After the first practice I was able to properly tune the car and the second practice NASCAR agreed to issue me my NASCAR Drivers license and stated I could race if I qualified. I agreed.
  The next day during tech. The first time through we were 1/4  inch too low which was an easy fix. We also had to drain all of the fuel out of the car so NASCAR could start all the cars with the exact weight of gasoline. A new dry brake was $400 dollars so I bought a used one off of ebay. When we went to put fuel into the car the rubber grommet burst open spilling gas all over the NASCAR officials tech lane. Well the MEXICO standard was different than our American Standard size holes for the dry brake and so we were out of luck borrowing a gas can and dry break. NASCAR agreed to let us fill completely up with fuel and race.  Wow I couldn't believe it They went out of thier way. After Tech the car is impounded until Time trials. I was shown were to push the car to and I ran back to the pits to load my tool box into a green wagon and make my way to the pits. All of the other teams have these big motorized pit boxes but I was just happy to be at the races with what I had. I get to our pit location and NASCAR official tells me I missed time trials and was out.  We went to talk to NASCAR and they said We are going to let us race anyway but you have to start in the back. WOW I'm thinking this is amazing I wanted to start in the rear anyway since it was my first race. I did not want to tear the car up. The race starts I move up to as high as third place during pits and wrecks that happened but when faster cars approached I would wave them by.
 It was the most amazing weekend. I always knew I had what it took to race at this level but never had the opportunity. I was thankful for all of what NASCAR did to go out of their way to let me race. Before and after the races I must have done 20 TV, radio and media interviews. I signed autographs for over 2 hours in the pits and took countless photos with fans. It was truly a blessing to have experienced a NASCAR race.  Realizing I have absolutely no money left to get back to Texas I am able to sell enough T-shirts and HOT wheels to fill my tank and head North hoping I will be able to get money out of the bank on Monday to get home. In mexico they have toll roads and free roads. I knew I would have to take the free roads but accidently wound up on the toll road. The toll was 30 dollars I go back and look through every bag, pocket under the seats and came up with only like 7 dollars. I pull up at the toll booth and ask if they take credit cards and the lady stated just pull on through this one was on her. Another God blessing. I make it back to Texas and think to myself what an adventure.
  I thought my racing career was a one time race. I had spent just about everything I had going to three races. I was thankful for the opportunity and felt like I got to do something not many people get the chance to do. I am very thankful for all the people that have helped my dream come true. God hears our prayers!
 Thanks so much for all of your help. I can not thank you enough just for having interest in what we are doing. Please pray for us daily. Pray "that our racing can glorify the LORD and that our adventures are safe."

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